Hi-Vac, the manufacturer of Aquatech, is a long-standing client that uses Signality for all of their fleet graphics. This truck was going to a trade show and required an informational panel on the tank to explain the features and benefits of the equipment.


The Aquatech trucks are always bright and eye-catching, painted lime green. However, this truck had to be informative as well for the trade show Hi-Vac was attending. So, we designed a panel that would install on the brackets for the tank, utilizing all the open space on the vehicle to convey a message. We installed the panel and vinyl signage prior to the vehicle leaving for the show. Each of the Hi-Vac products requires specific logo decals in specific locations so as not to interrupt the operations intended for the vehicle. This Aquatech vinyl logo decal is always located on the truck boom, so as not to catch on moving parts during operation.