Moran Construction, a leading construction company in the Mid-Ohio Valley, needed their fleet vehicles wrapped to create a cohesive and explanatory brand image on their vehicles to make them into moving billboards for their services.


Moran Construction first brought in a custom utility truck with toolbox sides and wanted to incorporate the company’s brand colors. We made a stripe span the entire truck, providing separation for the different elements indicating the various services Moran offers. We tilted the stripe and draped it over the fender to balance the design.

Next, Moran Construction brought in their Subaru to brand with their sister company logo, Ram Jack. Although they wanted the vehicle to be different from the general construction truck, they wanted some sort of consistency. So, we carried the stripe through the design. To make it different, we focused on the logo this time and blew up the lettering to make the vehicle identifiable. We used view-thru vinyl over the windows to extend the white and provide more free space above the letters.